Antonia’s Top Ten Tuesday- Blogging Confessions

It’s Top Ten Tuesday time! This weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and today’s prompt is Top Ten Blogging Confessions. I’ve decided to center mine more around books since I couldn’t think of that many blogging confessions. Here they are in no particular order:


1. Sometimes, I think blogging is boring. I feel terrible saying that but doing the same types of posts over and over again drives me nuts.

2. Usually I read the last page or two of a book before I even start it. I try not to, I really do, but it’s gotten to the point where I’ll just be looking at how long the book is and find myself reading the end without even thinking about it.

3. I’m awful at liking and commenting posts. Whenever I look at someone’s post I always plan to at least like it even if I don’t have anything exceptional to say in a comment (unless I hate it for some reason which never happens). But most of the time I end up completely forgetting about it and closing the window before I remember.

4. I don’t care if the books in a series match. I was actually kind of taken aback when I realized people do. Books are books are books. I can’t imagine waiting to buy a book because a store doesn’t have the matching copy. I literally don’t have that much self control. I love books no matter what they look like. BOOKS HAVE FEELINGS, TOO.

5. I can be very judgmental toward other readers. I try not to. I’m a firm believer in reading no matter what that might be, but sometimes I judge people who read nonfiction. That sounds a little backwards because I’ve found it’s usually the other way around but I absolutely hate reading nonfiction. It’s not because I have anything against reality or learning or anything like that. I would just much prefer to watch a documentary than read about it.

6. I have no problem putting a book down unfinished. It’s not that I particularly like doing it but I’m very decisive in my opinions and if I don’t like the beginning plot or hate the main character(s), I won’t finish it.

7. I’m usually in the middle of several books at once. And I have no trouble keeping track of where I am in each. I could literally read a paragraph of one, then a paragraph of another, then the next and rotate between them simultaneously. (I don’t really do that though, it’d be kind of annoying.)

8. I almost never read a book if I’ve seen the movie first. I have no idea why. #2 obviously shows I have no problem knowing the ending first and movies always miss the little details but I can’t seem to stop doing it.

9. I don’t take care of my books as well as I should. And I love it. I’m not saying I rip them or leave them out in the rain or anything like that (I would die first), but I dog ear pages and don’t worry about bending the covers. I like the character it gives to books. I’ve actually had to laminate the covers of my favorite books because I’ve read them so many times.

10. I sometimes collect multiple copies of books. Mostly my favorites and sometimes by accident. The only ones I really deliberately collect are the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Between the four books, I have 31 copies total.

I had so much fun with this topic and could probably keep going for forever but here’s my top ten. What book/blogging confessions do you have?


One response to “Antonia’s Top Ten Tuesday- Blogging Confessions

  • lilajune

    Cheers for multiple copy collecting!!! I’m truly gad it’s not just me! Sometimes I think ‘Do I really need 3 editions of this book??’ And the truth is, yes. Yes, I do! And I’ll admit, I judge people who don’t read any non fiction too… Which is totally unfair!

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