Antonia’s Top Ten Tuesday- Book Topics

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is top ten words/topics that instantly make you buy/pick up a book. These are mine (in no particular order):

1. Dragons- I’ve always loved dragons. I like seeing all the different ways different authors portray them. For example: Eon, The Dragon Jousters, The Inheritance Cycle.
2. Books- I think this one is self explanatory. A book where the main character loves books? Yes, please. For example: The Next Always, The Expected One, and, of course, Beauty and the Beast.
3. Fairy tales- I absolutely adore fairy tale adaptations. For example: Eloisa James’s fairy tales, Alex Flinn’s fairy tales, An Offer From a Gentleman.
4. Obsidian- I never would have thought this would be on my list. I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the stone. My favorite series ever is the Obsidian Trilogy. I happened to recently see Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout and immediately wanted to read it, just for the title. It just so happens that I loved it so now I’m keeping my eyes open for this topic.
5. Love- I am such a sucker for love stories. Even trashy romance novels get to me. For example: Oh, pretty much anything with romance.
6. Magic- It doesn’t really matter what type of magic it is. Magic always adds something extraordinary to a story. For example: The Elemental Masters, A Spell for Chameleon, The Riftwar Saga.
7. Thief- When the male MC is an attractive thief, I tend to fall in love. For example: To Take a Thief, The Demon King, Bitterblue, Jimmy the Hand.
8.Mythology- I love mythology. Especially Greek, though I find others interesting too. I think books that incorporate ancient cultures/ religions into them are amazing. For example: The Dark-Hunters, The Goddess Summoning series, The Goddess Test.
9. Reluctant Hero- With this topic, I mean when the main character is specifically chosen to complete a task, save the world, etc. and they ABSOLUTELY don’t want to. I think it’s more realistic. If someone just popped into your life and told you had this great mission to accomplish, I don’t think most people would jump up and say, “This is awesome! When do we start?” When the hero becomes a hero in spite of him/herself, I can’t resist. For example: The Hobbit, The Enduring Flame Trilogy, Maximum Ride.
10. Multiple Points of View- I don’t know if it counts because it’s a writing style not a topic. However, it’s a particular writing style that I tend to prefer. If there are too many points of view changing every few pages it can get annoying, but if the few main characters alternate chapters I really enjoy it. I like being able to see the story from more than one perspective, instead of just one side. For example: A Game of Thrones, The Obsidian Trilogy (This one breaks my rule. It’s from quite a few different viewpoints and it occasionally changes in the middle of the chapter, but the authors managed to make it simple and not overwhelming.)

Well, these are mine. I added a few examples for each so if you see a topic that happens to be a favorite of yours then you can have a few recommendations. If you know of any books that fall under these topics, please let me know. I love finding new favorites.


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